FLIP the Industry: An Affordable Studio in NDG


A Local Trailblazer


Despite advances in technology, audio production is still grueling for the aspiring artist. It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and most of us aren’t willing to break our pockets. FLIP the Industry has responded by providing an affordable, homey space for musicians and songwriters. It has everything required to produce a great track, including an engineer passionate about helping artists bring their music to life. Minutes from Vendome Metro, this friendly spot is worth checking out.




“Your music is valuable and you do deserve to be paid.” says founder Benjy Sherer, but getting paid requires more than a good song. The music industry is rough and Sherer knows first-hand. FLIP wants to help get your music out there with ease. Wrapping your head around the industry can be arduous, but FLIP provides some knowledge and guidance that can get you on your way. 


If you want affordable tracks and videos this spot is fantastic. And if you’re new to the recording process, FLIP is a great place to wet your feet. You can learn how to refine your music in a relaxed environment, while keeping your pockets at ease. What better place to start than a dedicated studio with a positive audio engineer?




Most of us only dream about making a living in music, but there are plenty of artists that make it work. FLIP the Industry wants to accelerate the process for you. They do their best to support artists and get them on their way, while giving you a product you can be proud of. Don’t be intimidated by studios, this place welcomes everyone and will give you something worth the time and money!


FLIP the Industry

Phone: (514) 771-5596

Email: bsherer@fliptheindustry.com

Website: www.fliptheindustry.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/fliptheindustry

Address: 2000 Northcliffe Avenue, Montreal, QC, Canada



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