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🧡 Lucien-L’Allier - Hosted By


Exterior (No Ticket Required):  1 spot


Comments:  This location is great and it’s really about timing. It can be the best place to play but can also feel isolated if your timing’s off. Lucien-L’Allier connects with the Bell Centre, meaning packed, energetic and cheerful crowds when events are happening – especially hockey.


This means matching the crowd. If there’s a hockey game, play something of that energy, and show or wear something Habs related for extra points 😉 If there’s a concert, try pairing your style with the genre of the artist(s) playing that evening! We highly recommend this station, and also suggest signing up early on eventful days. People usually have money on them and aren’t in a rush for work; they’re here for entertainment. For more tips check out our handbook. This spot can get a little cold during winter months.


Photographed by audiobarn_mtl

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