Thursdays & Sundays:   20:00 – 23:30

Musician/Band Showcase


Genres:   R&B, Blues, Country, Rock, Punk, Metal, Acoustic, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Folk, Classical, Soul. Varies

In House Instruments:   Depends on the night. Read description below.

Expertise:   Intermediate/Advanced

Crowd:   Medium/Large


Description:   Mademoiselle is a bar extremely supportive of all music in the Plateau and Mile End. These nights are held Thursdays and Sundays, providing a spotlight for Montreal musicians longing to play longer sets. Over the average open mic, that is. In these regards, it’s similar to Le Dépanneur Café but with a nighttime-bar vibe over that of a daytime-cafe.

Each band gets 45 minutes to an hour. 3 bands play per night; occasionally 4, and the beautiful thing about this showcase is that different genres play in the same night. And it’s all local bands. It’s a great spot if you’re promoting your band or just love playing at bars.

Interested? Contact Mademoiselle or Tony De Frenza! You can also email. Don’t forget to send links to your music! As for instruments, it’s almost always a “gear-share” in which you bring your own, but the amps and drums may be shared. This will all be clarified by the organizer sooner to the event. Come check it out! We’ve listed this as an open mic but it obviously doesn’t quite fit the category!

. . .

If you like this bar, check out their awesome jams on Tuesdays. They also welcome burlesque shows, comedy acts, concerts and film viewings so if you’re an artist with something worth sharing, it’s worth asking 🙂 These guys try really hard to support local talent. Thank you Mademoiselle ❤️


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