First Friday of Every Month:   20:00 – 21:30

Satsang: Bhakti Jam Session


Genres:   Bhakti, Bhajan, Hindu, Kirtan, Mantra, Chanting, Acoustic

In House Instruments:   N/A

Expertise:   Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Crowd:   Small


Description:   If you’re looking for uplifting experiences, try the Bhakti Jam at Studio Zen-Den! People bring their drums, guitars, violins, flutes (etc.) – taking part in a mesmerizing chanting session. The chant starts off slow, growing stronger with undulating mantras that build towards a climactic energies. This jam is unplugged and uses the acoustics of the space rather than PAs or amplification. Sessions start on the first Friday of each month (at 20:00)! Bring your own instrument, and anything is welcomed so long as it complements the music 🙂


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