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Le Dépanneur CaféM, Tu, W, Th, F, Sa, Su
Jazz, Folk, Classical, R&B, Blues, Country, Acoustic. Varies
Audition-Based Open Stage (see article)10:00 - 17:00206 Rue Bernard OuestClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 969-6128 Piano, Bass Amp, 2 Guitar Amps, 2 Microphones & Stands, PALe Deppaneur Café is one of a kind in how it operates its live music. Essentially, you book an hour slot between 10:00 and 17:00 and that is your hour slot every week for three months. All musicians are encouraged so long as you have a significant amount of experience playing and veer away from louder genres (punk, metal & electronic). You may book as a band or as a solo performer, just note the in-house instruments on the left, and bring your own! Call Benoit Bigham to schedule: (514) 969-6128. More info here.
Smoke Meat PeteM, Tu, W, Th, SuBlues, Classic Rock, Rock & RollBlues Jam Night19:30 - 23:00283 1ère AveClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 425-6068 Drum Kit, Microphones & PAThe staff at Smoked Meat Pete clearly have a love affair with jam nights and the blues, as they hold five jam nights a week, which repeat every week. You are welcome to perform other genres of music but the celebrated genre is the blues. If you’re a blues musician, you’re sure to have a good night here. Check out their Facebook page for details!
L'EscalierMondayTraditional & FolkJam Session21:30 - 01:00552 Rue Ste. Catherine EstClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 419-6609 Microphones & PAL’Escalier hosts small, in-house jam with folk musicians every Monday. People bring their violins, mandolins, guitars and fiddles and sit together playing traditional music from Quebec and Ireland. Come and join in! There are no in-house instruments, but you may bring whatever suits the mood!
Upstairs Jazz Bar & GrillMondayJazz, Bebop, SwingJam Session20:00 - 00:001254 Rue MackayClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 931-6808 Drum Kit (No Cymbals), Piano, Amps, Microphones & PAAn open jam night for jazz players, this night requires a bit of experience but is open to anyone willing to jam along! The night often starts with a jazz trio who will open up the night into a jam after their first set.
Ye Olde Orchard Pub & GrillTuesdayBlues, Soul, R&B, Funk, Rap, Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Folk. VariesOpen Mic21:30 - 03:0020 Rue Prince Arthur OuestClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 845-7772 Acoustic Guitar, Microphones & PAOne of the most reputable open mics in the city. Comfortable and encouraging for beginners, yet home to some of the best! Signup starts at 21:30 - first come, first served! Grab your free shot after playing!
Grumpy's Bar MontrealTuesdayBlues, Soul, R&B, Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Folk. VariesOpen Mic22:00 - 02:301242 Rue BishopClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 866-9010 Microphones & PAA fun, downtown open mic with a variety of music. Jazz and blues are popular at this bar, but anything is welcomed. This night tends to be mostly comedy, but music and spoken word is welcome. Grumpy’s also host Jazz jams on Wednesdays and Bluegrass jams on Thursdays. This night is particularly great for those wanting to play solo. Make sure to bring your own instruments!
CrobarTuesdayRock, Blues, R&B, Punk, Metal, Reggae, SkaJam Night21:00 - 02:001221 Rue CrescentN/AClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedSmall / Medium(514) 866-6556 Drum Kit, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Amps, Microphones & PAHosted by Mars Trinity, this open jam is fairly
relaxed and welcomes any musician or genre to the stage. Occasionally, other jams are
held throughout the week, so keep a keen eye on the Crobar Facebook page. Come check
it out!
Dièse OnzeTuesdayJazz, Bebop, SwingJam Session21:30 - 01:304115 Rue St. DenisClick hereClick HereAdvancedSmall(514) 223-3543 Drum Kit, Amps, Piano, Microphones & PADièse Onze is a jazz club in a romantic basement. This jam is hosted by Alex Bellegarde and his jazz trio. The first set starts off with the trio performing, followed by the second set - a jam open to jazz musicians with the confidence to join them. This is not a jam night for beginners, but rather for experienced players and performers. If you’re just interested in the jam, come for around 22:30. This crowd tends to attract a maturer age-group, but all ages are welcome! Their unspoken rule is: “If you can’t keep up, you shouldn’t be on stage.”
Rosewood Pub & RestaurantTuesday
(first of month)
Jazz, R&B, Blues, Rock, Acoustic. VariesJam Night21:00 - 01:0060 Rue St. JacquesClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 843-8585 Drum Kit, Piano, Microphones & PAOn the first Tuesday of every month, Rosewood Pub & Restaurant holds an incredible jam hosted by Crawdaddy. Come join in on a night of music, drinks and fantastic food made by the Chef Colin Griffin! The music starts rolling at 21:00, and then the jam opens up after - if the night is roaring, the jam can end much later than planned!
TuesdayEverything. R&B, Blues, Country, Rock, Punk, Metal, Acoustic,
Jazz, Folk, Classical, Soul
Open Mic / Jam Session20:00 - 00:305171 Avenue du ParcClick here
Click HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 508-5038 Keyboard, Drum Kit, Bass, Guitar, Amps, 6 Microphones & Stands, PAMademoiselle is a bar that extremely supportive of all music and pride themselves in just that. This open mic hosts everything from punk to folk, and is great for music lovers in the Mile End / Plateau. The night is also very jam-friendly, and welcomes all experience levels. It starts around 20:30 but musicians tend to show up between 21:00 and 22:00. Sometimes the staff will also host jams on Fridays and Saturdays too. Keep an ear open! Consult their Facebook page or call for more info regarding these nights.
Grumpy's Bar MontrealWednesdayJazz, Bebop, SwingJazz Jam Night22:00 - 02:301242 Rue BishopClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 866-9010 Microphones & PAJoin in on a night of jazz! The jam goes on all night and the level of skill is quite high. Bring your own instruments!
Duffy’sWednesdayRock, Blues, SoulOpen Jam Night21:00 - 03:001060 Chemin HerronClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 631-8962 Drum Kit, Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Amps, Microphones & PAAn open jam welcome to all kinds of music and instrumentalists! This place clearly loves a good jam and has all the standard equipment needed for a good session (bass, guitar, drums, etc.). Sometimes jams are held on Fridays as well - follow them on Facebook to stay in the loop! A great place for musicians living in the Dorval area.
Maison 2109 WednesdaySoul, Neo-Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, GrooveShowcase / Open Jam20:30 - 02:002109 Rue de BleuryClick Here
Click HereIntermediateMedium / Large(514) 400-9136 Drum Kit, Keyboard, Microphones & PAIf you’re looking for a spot that welcomes Jazz and Hip-Hop, this
place is for you. The night starts off with a house band that plays
from 22:00 to 23:00, at which point the jam opens up to everyone.
Bring some lyrics, bring your instrument and hit the stage! For
those who went to the cyphers at Bleury Var à Vinyle, it’s the same
Upstairs Jazz Bar & GrillWednesdayJazz, Bebop, SwingConcordia Jazz Sessions17:00 - 19:001254 Rue MackayClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedSmall / Medium(514) 931-6808 Drum Kit (No Cymbals), Piano, Amps, Microphones & PAMost Wednesdays, you can find an early Jazz jam held by Concordia students between 17:00 and 19:00. This jam provides a relaxed environment designed for students and young players to get a feel for the stage, and practice playing with new people. Concordia musicians get priority, but all musicians are welcome when it’s not busy. Performers must know the jazz standards. Come by and share a tune!
Brasserie L’UnikWednesdayJazz, Gypsy-Jazz, Bebop, SwingJazz Jam Night21:00 - 01:00805 Boulevard DecarieClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 744-5345 Drum Kit, Amps, Microphones & PADuring CEGEP semesters, local musicians hold a Wednesday Jazz night. Jazz Jam de l'Unik starts at 21:00 with a house band performance, which opens up into a jam at 22:15. Each week features a different Jazz musician and everyone is welcome to join in! Bring your instruments and join in on a night of Jazz!
Champs BarWednesdayMusic, ComedyOpen Mic22:00 - 00:303956 Boulevard St. LaurentN/AClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 987-6444Microphones & PAEvery Wednesday, Champs Bar hosts an open mic for music and comedy. Come to the "show up go up" and support local talent! Beers start at $5! Comics are allowed 5 minutes and musicians get 2 songs. Once you get off stage grab a free beer! This jam night is a blast if you’re looking to play a quick set and crowds may change week to week! Musicians must bring their own instruments.
Le PionnierThursdayBlues, Rock, Classic Rock, Punk. VariesJam Night20:30 - 01:30286 Rue LakeshoreN/AClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 630-8118 Drum Kit, Guitars, Amps, Microphones & PAThe Pionnier is a great, spacious bar in the West Island. Every Wednesday, a group of musicians bring their instruments and host the jam night. They welcome you to use their instruments, but feel free to bring your own. The night attracts an older crowd as well as a good number of regulars, and sign-up goes by a first come, first
served basis. Have fun and don’t miss out on their 60¢ wings!
Grumpy's Bar MontrealThursdayBluegrass, CountryBluegrass / Old-Time Jam Night21:30 - 02:301242 Rue BishopClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 866-9010 Microphones & PAA night of bluegrass and old-time music. The jam goes all night, just make sure you can keep up! Bring your banjo, mandolins, fiddles, double-bass’ and drum-boxes to join in on the fun. This night will sometimes end up with a dozen musicians playing on stage with a mic in the centre.
Caravane Café Galerie d'ArtThursdaySoft Rock, Blues, JazzOpen Mic / Jam Session20:00 - 02:004584 Ave. PapineauClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedSmall / Medium(514) 702-8550 Microphones & PAEvery Thursday, Caravan Cafe hosts an open mic for musicians looking to improvise with other artists in the De Lorimier area. The night starts at 20:00. Bring your instrument and join in on the fun!
Bar SaskaThursdayRock, Blues, Reggae, R&B, Hip-Hop. VariesOpen Mic / Jam Session22:00 - 01:005202 Ch. Queen MaryN/AClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedSmall / Medium(514) 663-0340 Amp, Microphones & PAEvery Thursday, Bar Saska hosts an open mic with Wizard Trolls or Mars Trinity! It’s a laid back atmosphere, in which the band will start off the first set and then hand the mic over to others. First come, first served! A jam will sometimes break out later if everyones up to it. Bring your instrument and enjoy the night!
Bootlegger l'AuthentiqueThursdayHip-Hop, Rap, Soul, Neo-SoulCypher / Jam Session20:00 - 03:003481 Boulevard St. Laurent
(2ème Étage/2nd Floor)
Click hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(438) 383-2226 Drum Kit, Microphones & PAUrban Science presents #LeCypher! Truly an incredible jam by half the jam group Urban Science, for musicians who love hip-hop, rap and instrumental jams. The night is loaded with talent and is one of the best in the city. Small but crowded, this jam is worth checking out and holds a torch next to Bar De Courcelle or Ye Olde Orchard, being one of the most reputable amongst musicians. All instruments are welcome! It’s not uncommon to see trumpets, saxophones and trombones onstage. All amplification is provided, but bring your own instrument, with the exception of drums and keys (which are available at the venue). If you’re an upcoming Rap or Hip-Hop artist, check this night out. (Urban Science website). Entrance is $4 before 21:00 and $6 afterwards.
MariposaThursdayAcoustic, Blues, FolkOpen Mic19:00 - 22:005434 Chemin de la Côte-Saint-LucN/AClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 699-5951 Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Bass, Cajon Drum, Amps, Microphones & PAMariposa is without question a home to passionate musicians around NDG. The owner has been playing in blues bands for 20 years, so you can imagine their open mic welcomes Blues and Classic Rock. There is a lot of heart behind the night and they never miss a week. The space is small and has a variety of instruments to play. All genres are welcome! Each performer gets two songs or 10-15 minutes, whichever comes first. Sign-up begins at 18:00, at which point you may warm up and play a song. If the list ends during the night, it starts over from the top. It is a great, comfortable place to start performing at, but you will come across some serious talent too.
Brasserie L’UnikThursdayBlues, Soul, RockBlues Jam Night21:00 - 01:00805 Boulevard DecarieClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 744-5345 Drum Kit, Amps, Microphones & PAThese guys are awesome. Held every Thursday at Brasserie L’Unik, this night pays great respect the blues. It is most often held by Pat Loiselle, Paul Arther and other local blues artists. The jam opens up with a first set by the band, followed by one open to the public. Signing up goes by a first come, first served basis. Definitely check this night out if you’re in the area. The size of the night may vary, and be sure to bring your own instruments.
Café MercedesThursdayRock, Classic Rock, Blues, R&B, Acoustic, Reggae. VariesOpen Mic / Jam Session21:00 - 00:306715 Rue Jarry EstN/AClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 321-5747Microphones & PAOnce a week, Cafe Mercedes hosts a jam night with The Renegades, welcoming everyone to the stage! It’s a great spot if you’re in the Anjou or St. Leonard area. Come check it out.
Anticafé MontréalFridayJazz, Classical, Acoustic. VariesJam Session19:30 - 21:30406 Rue Notre-Dame EClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedSmall / Medium(514) 806-7901Keyboard, Guitar Amp, Bass Amp, Microphone & PARight by Champ-de-Mars metro, Anticafé Loft welcomes you to their “Peanut Butter and Jam” sessions, held once a week on Fridays! This jam welcomes all genres, and tends to combine classical elements with other genres of music. If you’re looking for a friendly crowd with talented artists to jam with, here’s your spot! There is often a potluck to which you can bring your own food. Unlimited snacks, teas and coffees will also be served to those who attend, for a price of $3.00/hr (for the first two hours, and $2.00/hr onwards). Check out their Instagram here.
Yellow Door CoffeehouseFridayFolk & Acoustic
(variety encouraged)
Open Stage20:30 - 00:003625 Rue Aylmer
Click hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedSmallN/APiano, Acoustic Guitar (Nylon), UkuleleThis coffeehouse hosts a night of music every Friday evening, for those looking to kick back without the chaos of a bar or restaurant. At more than half a century, this is Canada’s oldest folk music coffeehouse venue. It runs an all-acoustic, “hootenanny” open stage, consisting of mostly folk music and some spoken word. This means there are no microphones. Additionally, there is a featured performer in the middle of the evening, who is often drawn from a previous night. The audience is quiet and attentive, and has been described as Montreal’s friendliest open stage. Sign up is from 20:00 to 20:30.
The Black Lion PubSaturdayBlues, Soul, R&B, Rock, Classic Rock. VariesJam Night20:00 - 00:00445 Boulevard BeaconsfieldClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 697-2234 Drum Kit, 2 Guitar Amps, 1 Bass Amp, 2 Monitors, 2 Powered
Speakers, 2 Microphones & Soundboard
These jam nights are held every Saturday evening at the Black Lion Pub. The music is great, the food is really good (served until 22:00) and the hosting band/musician tends to change each week. Bring your instruments, voice and appetite and you’re sure to have a good time! If you’re a drummer bring your drumsticks.
Dièse OnzeSundayJazz, Bebop, SwingOpen Vocal Jam (Jazz Vocals)20:00 - 23:304115 Rue St. DenisClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedSmall(514) 223-3543 Drum Kit, Amps, Piano, Microphones & PADièse Onze is a jazz club in a romantic basement. This jam is strictly for jazz vocals so don’t come expecting to play instruments. The night is hosted by a jazz trio that play classic jazz standards backing it with piano, drums and bass. The club tends to attract a maturer age-group, but all ages are welcome. Furthermore, the level of expertise is quite high so be prepared! Their unspoken rule is: “If you can’t keep up, you shouldn’t be on stage.”
Pub EpoxySundayJazz, Bebop, SwingJazz Jam Sessions20:00 - 00:304210 Rue St. Jacques Click hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedSmall / Medium(514) 935-0043 Piano, Microphones & PAEvery Sunday, Pub Epoxy hosts their Jazz jam night. Locals bring in their instruments and gather round for a night of music. There is an in-house piano for those interested! Come join in at St-Henri’s beloved dive bar, every Sunday!
BrutopiaSundayBlues, Soul, R&B, Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Rap, Folk. VariesOpen Mic22:00 - 02:301219 Rue CrescentClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 393-9277 Acoustic Guitar, PA & MicrophonesA great staff, delicious beer and a two-story venue with proper monitors. It’s one of the oldest open mics in the city and attracts a solid crowd. It’s relaxed, fun and filled with an array of performances and friendly musicians. The drum kit has a simple setup: a kick-drum, snare and hi-hat. You get a free beer for playing if you’ve bought one already, and signing up goes by a first-come, first-served basis! The night will go on as long as people play (02:30 latest). Swing by!
Bar De CourcelleSundayBlues, Soul, R&B, Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Rap, Folk. VariesOpen Mic / Jam Session22:00 - 03:004685 Rue Notre-Dame OuestClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedLarge(438) 382-4685 Drum Kit, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Microphones & PAOne of the most reputable open mics in Montreal. It’s a classic night for those interested in meeting fellow musicians and playing some great jams late into the night. This is worth checking out and holds the bar high, much like nights at Ye Olde Orchard, Bleury Bar à Vinyle and Brutopia. Grab your free drink after playing! Sign-up starts at 21:30.
Tam Tams MontrealSundayDrumsDrum Circle11:00 - 18:00Monument to Sir George Etienne (Mont Royal Parc)Click Here
Click HereVariesLargeN/ABring Your Own!Only between late spring to early fall, Tams is an informal event/gathering of the Montreal crowd within Parc Du Mont Royal. Part of this event is the famous drum circle near the main statue, which anyone is welcome to join.
Bar VilleraySundayRock, Classic Rock, Blues, Soul, R&B, Electronic. VariesJam Session19:30 - 02:001370 Rue VillerayClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 379-1325Drum Kit, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Amps, Microphones & PASometimes listed as Bar 1370, Bar Villeray hosts a big jam every Sunday evening! These nights are awesome. It’s a friendly crowd filled with musicians, from saxophonists to DJs to harmonica players - everybody is welcome! Genres may change by the week, but sessions often blend elements of Blues, Rock and Electronic music. For their Facebook group, click here. Go check it out!
Medley Simple MaltSundayFolk, R&B, Acoustic, ComedyOpen Mic20:00 - 03:006206 Rue St. HubertClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 271-7887 Acoustic Guitar, Microphones & PA (4 inputs)A classic open mic outside of downtown Montreal, located between Beaubien and Rosemont metro stations. The open mic starts at 22:00 with musicians playing mostly folk music.
La Marche à CôtéTuesday
(twice a month)
Reggae, Latin, African, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Acoustic, Hip-Hop. VariesOpen Jam22:00 - 03:005043 Rue Saint-DenisClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedSmall / Medium / LargeN/ADrum Kit, 2 Guitar Amps, Bass DI, Microphones & PAEvery second Tuesday, an open jam is held at La Marche à Côté! There is no predetermined style, and previous jams here have mixed of worldly genres with elements of Jazz, R&B and Blues. It’s a fantastic spot, and additional DIs are provided for those with electric instruments. If you plan on playing a lot, we suggest bringing your own instrument so others can have access to the in-house instruments as well. Bring your talent, your heart and come improvise with others!
(first of month)
Folk, Acoustic, R&B, Bluegrass, Blues. VariesOpen Mic / Jam22:00 - 03:00552 Rue Ste. Catherine EstClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 419-6609 Microphones & PAThis night is held by Big Bang MTL on the first Wednesday of every month. This place is
extremely supportive of local artists, especially to those who enjoy poetry, folk and acoustic
music. As they put it, “It is a cultural affair with underground music, poetry and live artistic
performances”. Check their website or Facebook page for more updates. Sign-up starts at
La Marche à CôtéWednesday
(first & third of month)
Gypsy-Jazz, JazzJam Session21:00 - 00:305043 Rue Saint-DenisClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / LargeN/AGuitars, Bass, Amps, Microphones & PADo you like Gypsy-Jazz? You are all cordially invited to the Manouche Jazz Jam! For those who have never come, here's how it works: the Hal Cole Quintet set up microphones, amps and sheet music, as well as guitars and bass for anyone who wants to join in - all you have to do is get up on stage! You also get a free beer for playing! This night is a lot of fun whether you’re playing or watching.
La Marche à CôtéWednesday
(fourth of month)
Balkan MusicBalkan Jam Session19:30 - 23:005043 Rue Saint-DenisClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedSmallN/AN/AOn the fourth Wednesday of every month, La Marche à Côté hosts an informal gathering for lovers of Balkan music and dance, led by accordionist and irreplaceable host Sergiu Popa. You can find downloadable versions of the tunes they play from their website. Sheet music for C and Bb instruments is also provided. Bring your own instrument!
Reggies BarWednesday
Music, Poetry, Comedy & MagicOpen Mic / Jam SessionVaries1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve OuestClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 285-0599 Microphones & PAOnce in a while, this student-run bar showcases a range of talent in the heart of Concordia campus. This open mic involves everything from hip-hop to magic. It’s also a great place to meet young artists between the ages of 18 to 25. Dates are infrequent but most often on Wednesdays, so follow their website or Facebook page for more updates! Nights tend to start around 19:00 and can turn into jam sessions later in the night. Performers usually get around 15 minutes to perform and specials on drinks are provided to those who come.
Honey Martin PubWednesday (second & fourth of month)Cajun, Creole, Zydeco, FolkCajun Jam Session19:00 - 21:005916 Rue Sherbrooke OuestN/AClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedSmall / Medium(514) 484-2999Microphones & PAEvery second Wednesday, Honey Martin Pub hosts Cajun Jam NDG. It’s a great place to be if you want to play Louisiana style music with some seriously talented folk! The jam combines influences from South West Louisiana Cajun, Creole and Zydeco music with Golden Era tunes, and some you might not have heard of! We’re talking Jolie Blonde, the Amédé Two Step, T’en As Eu, T'en Auras P’us, the Kaplan Waltz and many more! Bring your instruments and come on down for a wild night of music! You can also find more information on their event page.
Café TouskiThursday (second of month)Acoustic, Folk, TraditionalMonthly Showcase19:00 - 21:002361 Ontario St EClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedSmall / Medium(514) 524-3113N/ATouski Folk is a monthly, musical event that features women, trans and non-binary musicians! If you’d like to take part in this, just send a message via their Facebook page. This is an organized event so the night does not follow an open mic or jam format! Come check it out and support local music!
La Marche à CôtéFriday
(first of month)
Dub, Reggae, Vintage Dancehall, Nü Roots, Old-SchoolDub Jam Session / Open Mic21:00 - 03:005043 Rue Saint-DenisClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / LargeN/ACDJ 2000, DJM 900 Nexus, Wireless Shure SM 58, Monitors,
Microphones & PA
Hosted by Blackout Sound System, this night is held on the first Friday of every month, celebrating Reggae, Dancehall and Dub music. The stage is open to DJs, vocalists and upcoming artists, and is a jam more than anything. For those looking to play records, we’ve included a list of equipment provided in the ‘In-House Instruments’ section. The night has a fun, peaceful atmosphere so if you’re looking to dance and socialize, it’s a great spot.
(first of month)
Bluegrass, Country, FolkJam Night18:00 - 22:005434 Chemin de la Côte-Saint-LucN/AClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium(514) 699-5951 Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Bass, Cajon Drum, Amps, Microphones &
Mariposa is without question a home to passionate musicians in the
NDG area. On the first Friday of each month, Mariposa hosts their
First Friday Musicians Circle. It’s an acoustic evening of Bluegrass,
Country & Folk tunes and welcomes everyone to come play!
There’s no cover and a variety of instruments are welcomed to the
stage: guitars, dobros, fiddles, mandolins, banjos, harmonicas - you
name it! The owner’s very friendly and has been playing in blues
bands for 20 years. It’s a small space but you’ll be surprised by
some serious talent too. If you’re looking for a fun Friday evening,
Mariposa’s your place!
Studio Zen-DenFriday
(first of month)
Bhakti, Hindou, Kirtan, Mantra, Chanting, AcousticBhakti Jam Session20:00 - 21:302075 Rue De l'ÉgliseClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedSmall(438) 390-2340N/AIf you’re looking for an uplifting experience, come join the Bhakti Jam at Studio Zen-Den! People bring their drums, guitars, violins and flutes, and take part in a mesmerizing chanting session. The chant starts off slow, growing stronger with each undulating mantra that builds towards an energetic climax. This jam is unplugged and uses the acoustics of the space, rather than PAs or amplification. Sessions start on the first Friday of each month at 20:00! Bring your own instrument, and anything is welcomed so long as it complements the music.
St. Dom JamhouseFriday
(twice a month)
Acoustic, R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Flamenco, Latin, Folk, Rock, Blues,
Hip-Hop. Varies
Jam SessionsVaries4100 Rue St. DominiqueClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedSmall / Medium / LargeN/AVariesIn the heart of the Plateau, you can find the St Dom Jamhouse: an intimate web of apartments home to artists, artisans and performers. They host official jam nights every second Friday and frequent events throughout the week - these include workshops, potlucks, open mics, jam sessions and social experiments. Friday jams will alternate themes and often stretch into the early morning; sometimes the next day! It’s an amiable crowd - one you could compare to “a summer camp for adults” - and worth checking out! Just be sure to come in with a friendly, sociable attitude and keep in the loop via their Facebook page! All performers are welcome! Though we have not listed in-house instruments, there are plenty available should you leave yours at home.
Club BalattouVaries
Music, Poetry, Spoken Word, Humor, StorytellingOpen Mic19:45 - 23:004372 St. Laurent BlvdClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 739-7944 Microphones & PAIn collaboration with Dans la Rue (an organization that strives to help the homeless and at-risk youth), Mél Bué and Club Balattou host the PoéZik Show & Open Mic! This night invites people to read (or sing) poetry, play music and raise money for Dans la Rue. A keyboard is occasionally provided by other pianists for those who want to play piano. Come check it out, sign-up ends at 20:25! Please refer to their Facebook page for future nights as days may change month to month.
Coop La Maison VerteVariesFolk, Blues, R&B, Soul. VariesOpen Mic19:30 - 22:305785 Rue
Sherbrooke Ouest
Click hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedSmall(514) 489-8000 Keyboard (Weighted), Microphones, Ampsmall and intimate night
truly supportive of local talent. Eleuthera is passionate about helping artists and often hosts
the night. Acts range anywhere from circus performance and dance to music and poetry.
This event is held inside Coop La Maison Verte, a store that promotes organic and
environmentally friendly lifestyles. Please remember that this night is held on occasion and
usually on the last Thursday of the month, we advise you check out their Facebook page
before heading over. Enjoy!
The Segal Centre for Performing ArtsVariesShow Tunes, Musical, Theatrical, SingalongOpen Mic20:00 - 23:305170 Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-CatherineClick hereClick HereIntermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 739-7944 Piano, Microphones & PAAbout once a month, Segal Centre's Broadway Cafe host an open mic dedicated specifically to show tunes! These nights are usually held on Saturdays but may change once in a while. A selection of sheet music is provided, or you may bring your own double sided and perforated sheets.These evenings offer amateurs and performers an opportunity to sing the Broadway repertoire, accompanied by a professional pianist. Come and sing or simply enjoy the musical entertainment! Duets and trios are encouraged. Consult their Facebook page for more details, and please note that these open mics are usually ages 18+.
Gerts BarVariesVaries. Blues, Soul, R&B, Rock, Classic Rock, Reggae, Acoustic, Hip-Hop, RapOpen Mic / Jam SessionVaries3480 Rue McTavishClick hereClick HereBeginner / Intermediate / AdvancedMedium / Large(514) 398-3459 Varies. Microphones & PAOpen mics and jam sessions are occasionally held at this student bar. Days are infrequent so we
suggest following their Facebook page for more details!

5 Jam Spaces Worth Visiting   If you’re living in Montreal and looking for a space for practice, say no more! We’ve listed five by-the-hour jam spaces. It might be useful to know a few in case your band changes rehearsal last minute, or your current space is all booked up. Here’s a few that […]


5 Nights To Play & Be Up By 8AM   Have things to do in the morning but still want to get a few songs in? Here’s a list of five places you can play and still be in bed by 11pm. We all know what it’s like to yearn for your craft while working […]


A Local Trailblazer   Despite advances in technology, audio production is still grueling for the aspiring artist. It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and most of us aren’t willing to break our pockets. FLIP the Industry has responded by providing an affordable, homey space for musicians and songwriters. It has everything required to produce a great track, […]


A Gem in the Mile End   Tired of short sets at the open mic or long busks in the metro? Le Dépanneur Café may be just what you’re looking for. Tucked away in the Mile End, this place brings a great crowd that comes for food, coffee and live music. Performance spots are hour-long and […]


Benefits for the MTL Busker   In Part 1 we give you some tips to busking inside Montreal’s metro stations, and Part 2 tells you the rules and regulations that follow. But if you want to gain some headway, there are a few perks you might want to check out. MusiMétroMontréal is an organization whose main goal […]


Rules & Regulations (via MusiMétroMontréal)   For those looking to busk, there are 57 busking spots around Montreal’s metro stations. Some require a metro pass to access while others can be accessed before the station’s turnstiles. Of these 57 locations, 7 busking spots are reserved for members of the “Étoiles du Métro”. In Part 1 we gave […]


For those new to busking, it is important to understand the type of audience you will be performing for, and the etiquette adopted between buskers and commuters. Although we can’t guarantee the type of crowd you will have at a given time and place, we can give you a couple pointers in the right direction, […]


As you may have discovered, Montreal is filled with bars, restaurants and coffee-shops to play in as a musician. Here at AudioBarn, our goal is to detail these nights so you have an easier time finding where you want to play. Whether it’s by genre, crowd size, location or time, we’ve listed all these spots […]


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