Le Dépanneur Café: An Open Stage For Montreal Musicians


A Gem in the Mile End


Tired of short sets at the open mic or long busks in the metro? Le Dépanneur Café may be just what you’re looking for. Tucked away in the Mile End, this place brings a great crowd that comes for food, coffee and live music. Performance spots are hour-long and run from 10:00 to 17:00. Booking must be done ahead of time (by phone or email) and once scheduled, your spot repeats weekly until the 3-month block is over (this block can be found on the cafe’s website).



Remember that once booked, you’re scheduled to show up each week: same time, same day. If you’re not able to make next week’s spot, please notify the cafe in advance so another musician may fill in. Spots aren’t paid but you’re free to ask for coffee or some food while playing. You may also leave a hat and kindly ask for support. All musicians are encouraged to perform so long as you…


  1. Have significant experience playing music
  2. Veer away from louder genres (ex: punk, metal or electronic)


As for in-house instruments: there are amps (for bass and guitar), two microphones (with stands), a PA system and a piano. You may book as a band or a solo performer, just note the in-house instruments listed as you might require additional equipment. It’s rare to see many performers onstage as it can get noisy. For the same reason, it’s recommended you bring a drum box, bongos or djembe over a drum kit. Check the space out! Email through the cafe’s website (all details provided below) or contact Benoit Bigham to schedule and find out more. Currently, the schedule repeats through December, January and February. There may be more spots available than displayed online.


Contact Le Dépanneur Café

Benoit Bigham: (514) 969-6128

Le Dépanneur Café: (514) 271-9357

Booking Email: musique@ledepanneurcafe.com

Website: https://depcafe.bitblox.online

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Le-Depanneur-Cafe-144547055598697

Address: 206 Rue Bernard O, Montréal, QC H2T 2K4



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