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In light of COVID-19, open mics and jam sessions at bars, restaurants, busking locations and venues have been temporarily suspended. We are continuing to see how the situation develops and will update the website and our Facebook page when Montreal’s open mics, jam sessions and busking locations are open again to musicians.Close


Recording from home

January 30, 2021

Always wanted to create your own home recording studio but didn't know how? Here's a good place to start.

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Jam Spaces: 5 Rehearsal Spots Worth Visiting

May 12, 2020

Want to practice with your band or jam with some friends without getting noise complaints from your neighbors? Here's a list of 5 Jam spaces worth visiting in Montreal!

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Mixing & Mastering Pt. I – An Intro

May 12, 2020

This article explores the definition of mixing and mastering and their importance, as well as touching upon the basics of what you'll need to record at home.

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Our Purpose

Since it’s launch in 2017, our purpose at Audiobarn is to serve musicians, collaborate with music-related businesses and services, and be a valuable tool along the journey of being a musician.

Much like when composing a song, we are passionate in the process of creating something new, listening to feedback, and improving our creation along the way. We seek to continuously improve what we are offering in the hopes that it can aid in bringing people together under the shared love for music.

Our Goal

Our goal at Audiobarn is to help map out the local music scene in Montreal and provide this information freely so that you can save time researching and do more of what you love doing - music.

Our Services

Local Music Directory

Having begun by listing open mic nights, jam sessions and busking locations in Montreal from 2017, the website now includes jam spaces/rehearsal studios. There are currently two levels of directory listings: free and verified. We research the basic information that you may need for each event and service, and offer promotional services for verified listings to provide them with more visibility on the site. In this way, we seek to strike a balance between providing free access to information for local musicians as well as a way to keep the website financially sustainable.

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Resource Lists

Resource lists have been a newer feature to the website which was introduced during 2020 as a way to help musicians find resources such as Free DAWs and Free Softwares for Jamming Online. We aim to continue adding new lists from time to time to help further our purpose by helping musicians find useful resources.

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Website Development

The development team at Audiobarn has recently expanded to provide website development services for those who are looking for web services such as

  • creating a new website
  • updating a website
  • fixing a website

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you

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The Audiobarn Podcast

The Audiobarn Podcast explores the local music ecosystem in Montreal and the people who keep it running. You can view the clips on the Audiobarn youtube channel

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